Attention Exhibitors, Marketing People & Promotion Organisers!
Do you want to generate even more Sales leads at Conventions, Exhibitions/Tradeshows?
Do you want to create the best Promotion Event experience for your customers?
Do you want much more than just a pretty face in hot pants for your next Promotion Event?
If the Answer is YES to any of the above questions then you need 1-800-TOP-BAND Event Services !

What makes one tradeshow exhibit memorable and another so-so?  What can exhibitors do to get attendees talking after the show?  What can motivate visitors who may have had no previous intention of visiting your booth decide that they definitely have to stop by?


Entertainment!  According to tradeshow research, live presentations are the third most important reson why people remember the exhibit.  Numbers one and two?  Booth size and product interest.  If you've got a limited exhibiting budget, hiring entertainment may be a cost-effective way to attract attention to your company without springing for the larger, pricier display space.


What are your options?


TOP BAND Entertainment options at tradeshows are almost endless.  Any form of live presentation can work, including:


  • staged product demonstrations
  • Celebrity Doubles
  • theatrical skit
  • magician
  • game show
  • choreography
  • video
  • audio
  • robot
  • singers or musicians


The key is to have entertainment that acts as an integral part of your marketing message and TOP BAND will consult and assist you in hiring and scheduling the right ACTS. To do this, you need to know a few things:


TOP BAND will help you decide What type of entertainment will appeal to your target audience!

Our consultation will assist you in planning how much product information  you want to convey via the entertainment.

TOP BAND can help you choose an  entertainment format that may be  better than others for educating attendees about your products and services.  Product demonstrations, especially those that draw participants from the audience, are a great way to get the crowd focused on what you're selling.  Other acts focus on simply getting the company name and logo out there, such as a magician, a Celebrity Double, a Booth Comic or a single Musician who also is skilled at verbal sales and grabbing attention. '.

Any entertainment you select should positively reflect your company's image.  This goes beyond a Western Wear company selecting a country singer to entertain the crowds -- attendees will hold you to a higher standard than that.  Research the acts you're proposing to hire.  Some acts may not be appropriate for mainstream companies -- ask to see a video of an average performance and ask yourself how would your customer base view the images.


With those questions in mind, decide what kind of entertainment you'd like to have and who will perform for the crowds.  If you've decided on live product demonstrations, you may be able to use your own staff members, but other than that, you're generally better off hiring a pro.


A profitable trade show booth should be developed, implemented, and utilized to the fullest. Coupling a well employed tradeshow booth with specialty entertainment will draw attention like few other additions. The limited showcase time means the initial appeal of your booth is critical. 

Adding coordinated entertainment to your trade show setup can be an essential part of realizing your ROI goals. Any company centered on making their mark, and getting the most from their trade show appearance, must communicate with their prospects from all angles. This includes appealing with innovative, interactive, and advanced promotional tools. 

Tradeshow ideas should be implemented with the goal of traffic building. Traffic building is done with a variety of add-ons and entertainment meant to draw visitors and directly drive your message. Customization options for your booth can include specialty entertainment such as Customized Photobooths, Virtual Golf, Super Imposed/Greenscreen Photography, On-Site Laser Printing on Custom Promotional Items, Simulators, Cash Cube/Money Machine and many more interactive items that serve as “Booth Magnets”. By using trade show entertainment to generate attendance, you will be given the opportunity to effectively communicate your offerings, deliver your message, and of course, further the results of your investment. 

1-800-TOP-BAND serves nationwide Exhibitors and many fortune 500 companies in reaching their tradeshow booth goals. While providing nationwide tradeshow services, we have been developing and adding some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced entertainment ideas to our product line for tradeshows. Let your company experience a stylish trade show set up that will result in more leads and future clients.

To begin, let us know your goals, budget, objectives, clientele, trade show venue and all of your company information, and we can get started coordinating ideas and entertainment perfectly suited to your unique business.
 How to Make the Most of Your Money

Hiring a professional entertainer is an expense.  Ensure you get your money's worth by doing the following:


  • Identify how the presentation helps achieve your goals -- let the entertainer know clearly what you expect for them to do.
  • Create promotional activities centering around the entertainment.  From pre-show direct mailings to on the floor interactions with attendees, make frequent mention of the event and have an incentive that will encourage attendees to visit your booth.
  • If your staff is not on stage, find ways to involve them in the presentation.  Use them to gather the crowd or to capture and monitor pertinent information during the presentation.  Let them know it's okay to be enthusiastic about the performance -- excitement is contagious, and you want an excited crowd.


  • Acts that are clearly amateur.  Tradeshow audiences are harsh.  They won't be tolerant of second rate acts.  Hire the best you can afford
  • for better results. TOP BAND ENTERTAINMENT will sample your message and provide you with several options that work well at live trade shows and conventions. Trust 
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